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Constantly growing since 1989

Founded in 1989, M.R. Elettrica Srl was transformed in early 2017 into an industrial concern.

With our human resources, facilities and state-of-the art working methods, today we are able to meet the ever-growing demand from our customers for automation system integration.

We are specialized in domestic and industrial systems, and also have the capability to deliver projects with particularly challenging PLC programming, and both turnkey plant and machinery monitoring and automation systems as well as bespoke system details delivering customers’ own projects.

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Industrial automation

We operate mainly in the industrial automation sector, providing a comprehensive service:

  • initial automation feasibility study;
  • electrical engineering;
  • PLC software development;
  • graphics interfaces;
  • motion control and robotics;
  • automation control panels and on-board systems;
  • installation and training of personnel;
  • after-sales support;

In view of the growing needs of our customers in terms of data collection and product traceability management, we have joined up with partners to deliver systems that meet the needs of industry 4.0